You probably wouldn’t have a choice, considering that criminals don’t seem to be affected by bans — even in Great Britain, which, according to various sources, is currently trying to deal with increases in both gun and knife violence.

I seem to remember Jo Cox, an MP for Bately and Spen being murdered by a man with a handgun and a knife in 2016. Odd, considering that Great Britain had essentially banned private possession of handguns.

Then there were Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, young police officers from Manchester. They were gunned down in a 2012 ambush by a person who had already committed two murders with his Glock pistol.

Yes, firearm homicides are rare in the UK. However, firearm homicides were always relatively rare.

Last I heard, Australia was still trying to round up around a quarter-million banned firearms and police in at least one major city are arming themselves with AR-15 or M16 rifles. I suppose this due to larger knives?

From your photo, you appear to be a fit, young man. I am nearly 70 and disabled. My wife is somewhat younger and small.

Since we don’t have the options available to you, why on earth should we allow you to make defensive choices for us?

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