You cited the Washington Post figures but paid no attention to the Post's rather rudimentary analysis of them.

Murder. non-negligent manslaughter, and manslaughter are all felony-level is a offenses. Homicide may or may not be a criminal offense. Homicide in self-defense or the defense of others is not a criminal offense. This also means it isn't murder.

In most police-involved shootings there are no charges brought. Why? Because there was no reason to bring them and they would not have been sustained by prosecutors. In short, the officers did nothing wrong.

In 2019, a total of nine unarmed black people were killed by police. Some of those shootings were also ruled justifiable.

You have assembled a group of factoids and used them to craft a lie. There's really no other word for it: it's a lie, pure and simple.

Moreover, it has nothing whatsoever to do with black-on-black crime, which is a real and significant problem in a number of cities.

Worst of all, you seek to minimize the problem by masking it with outrage over a number of deaths that is dwarfed by the number of death attributable to black-on-black crime.

You have been caught, Ms. Temple, and now you have been outed.

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