Yes, I read the article. I read it before I answered you the last time.

From what I can see from your obvious confirmation bias is that you liked the article because the author said what you liked.

I disagreed with the article because my own experience indicates that it's mostly hogwash.

For one thing, I think this guy has some kind of weird fetish about guns. Maybe it's a California thing. To most of the cops I have ever known, the gun was just there, just like the mace, handcuffs, nightstick or ASP, Tasers, and other tools of the trade.

As I said previously, the gun isn't there for the 95% of calls that don't require it. A lot of calls don't require handcuffs, either, but I don't hear anyone making a big deal about them.

It's the exceptions that make it important for a cop to be armed. It's the traffic stop; the domestic disturbance call that goes south; and the rest.

I am not saying all cops are perfect. There are bad apples in every profession and some of them can cause a lot more harm than cops. We've got a former county sheriff doing time in the Texas Department of Corrections for planting drugs on people. Who busted him? The Texas Rangers who, among their other duties, investigate bad cops and corrupt politicians. They carry guns, too.

However, I am saying that this jackwad has an axe to grind and he doesn't care who he smears to grind it.

Among other things, he blames cops for situations over which they have no control, such as "zero tolerance" dictums from politicians and politically motivated chiefs and commissioners. Such as having things that are outside of their training and expertise dumped on them because it's convenient and doesn't cost anything extra.

This guy has a chip on his shoulder the size of the trunk of a sequoia but he says what you want to hear so it's all the authority you need.

You mentioned Burlingame. Did you know that the Burlingame Police Department has a ride-along program? It's right here:

Sign up; ride along. They even provide a bullet-resistant vest, just in case. Get to know some real police officers and see what their work entails.

Then come back and tell us all about it. At least then you will have some credibility.

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