Why is gun usage so high? Because white, non-Hispanic males are by far the most likely to commit suicide and the most likely to use a gun to do it.

So why does the CDC not emphasize guns? Because guns aren’t nearly as common in suicides among women and minorities. Among white, non-Hispanic woman, the second-most likely to end their own lives, poison is the preferred method in half of the five-year-age brackets employed by the CDC. Firearms and suffocation (usually by hanging) are tied for second place.

You quoted the CDC: “Reduce access to lethal means — such as medications and firearms — among people at risk of suicide.” Now you know why.

The CDC’s recommendation is also critical in light of another factoid you missed. The rate of increase in suicides among women is higher than it is for men.

The fact is that, in your eagerness to promote an agenda, you didn’t drill down in the data to find what is really going on. This makes you fair game for anyone who does make the effort.

You don’t even understand the Dickey Amendment. It never prohibited the use of federal funds for research into violence, gun or otherwise. It prohibited the use of taxpayer dollars for advocacy studies, which tend to have predetermined outcomes. There was never any attempt to block researchers from obtaining funds elsewhere and there was never any attempt to restrict scientist access to data.

The only thing that blocked the CDC from doing research was its own funding or, more precisely, the cuts to its own funding. Gun research was one of many casualties.

You really ought to be embarrassed. Not only did you flub the data test, you didn’t even add “suicide” to your tabs. Just “guns” and “gun control.”

Looks like the Intercept name is four letters too long: Inept is both shorter and closer to the truth.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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