Why does the NRA have clout? Six million members. Make that six million dues-paying members. That’s also the source of the majority of the NRA’s annual income.

Gun Owners of America has more than a million dues-paying members.

Contrary to popular belief, the gun makers don’t rely on the NRA to carry their water. They have the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which is the industry’s trade and lobbying group.

Everytown for Gun Safety doesn’t have that. It has billionaire Michael Bloomberg. The Violence Policy Center has the Joyce Foundation. The Giffords Law Center lives off of donations.

What you call practical, effective gun laws we call snake oil — with good reason. Not one of them will deliver on the promises made. None of them could pass the Adam Lanza test. None of them could pass the Elliot Rodger test. Or the Omar Mateen test, the Stephen Paddock test or even the Nikolas Cruz test.

Only an idiot would introduce legislation calling for expanded background checks just days after a person who passed more than a dozen of them gunned down hundreds of people in Las Vegas.

Only an idiot would introduce legislation calling for a ban on assault weapons that doesn’t touch the 18–20 million already in private hands. Even more laughable is the fact the ban is based on appearance; guns that are even more lethal than any of the so-called assault rifles are either exempted or completely absent. There’s even a hilarious case where a rifle in one style is banned while a rifle that is functionally identical is exempted.

Just like the shady hucksters in the traveling medicine shows, the gun control advocates peddle these nostrums. These are the same dubious cure-alls that they have hawked for years, overlooking or concealing the fact these have been proven to be worthless in real-world experience.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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