Why do you say that the Constitution is no longer relevant?

Which parts are no longer relevant? Should we bring back slavery? Allow government control of the press? Establish a state religion? Bring back Prohibition? Allow voting by men only? Eliminate the protections of unwarranted searches and seizures, due process and rights to trial? Allow a President to serve as many terms as he or she can win? End direct voting for Senators?

Or is it just that one Amendment? Repeal of the Second Amendment would not eliminate the right to keep and bear arms. It would only allow the federal government to infringe upon it and the results might not be pretty.

An urban society has no need of firearms? With an estimated 500,000 to one million defensive gun uses annually, I would argue that point as would the 16.3 million of your fellow Americans who have obtained concealed-carry permits. With estimates ranging from about 75 million to 110 million, there may well be more gun owners in the U.S. now than there have been at any time in U.S. history. Since the likelihood of criminals to obey gun laws and the huge pool of stolen firearms and straw purchase guns already in circulation is virtually zero, why would they give them up?

Contrary to claims made by many, there is really no evidence that gun laws have a significant impact on public safety. For every New York City and Los Angeles, there’s a Chicago and Baltimore. The states with the lowest homicide rates include states with fewer restrictions and higher percentages of firearm ownership. It’s also true that those conditions apply to states with some of the highest homicide rates. Conversely, Illinois and Maryland have many restrictions and relatively low rates of firearm ownership but have among the highest homicide rates in the U.S.

Yes, people like to add suicides to the “gun violence” total but that trivializes the problem of suicide. The rate of suicides among women is increasing faster than the overall suicide rate and guns account for only about a third of the deaths. Young women are more likely to hang themselves and older women are far more likely to use drugs. In fact, in a couple of age groups, guns aren’t even the second choice.

Frankly, I find your point of view disturbing. Your cavalier attitude towards the rights of other people, especially those who pose no credible threat to you, shows an uncomfortable alliance with authoritarianism.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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