What a crock!

A small percentage? How about somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of American adults? Call it between 80 and 100 million Americans. There are more than 16.3 million active concealed carry permits and 12 states don’t even require permits to carry a concealed handgun. 19 more states don’t require a permit to openly carry a handgun.

By any estimate, there are more American gun owners than there are blacks or Hispanics. In fact, blacks are one of the fastest-growing demographics among gun owners.

Firearms account for less than 6% of the violence-related injuries and deaths in the United States. That covers assaults, sexual assaults, manslaughters and murders.

Like it or not, the majority of murders are in urban areas and the lion’s share of those are gang-related. The police chief of Los Angeles said that 60% of the homicides in that city last year were gang-related and Chicago’s gang violence is becoming legendary. In 2016, there were nearly 800 murders in the Windy City; almost as many as New York City, Los Angeles and Houston combined.

Yes, compared to acts of political terrorism there is a lot more risk from the homegrown threats. But even the Centers for Disease Control said that outcomes for people that used a firearm defensively were better than those for people that used any other method or did not resist.

This isn’t rocket science; it’s simply paying attention to what is really going on in the real world. I highly recommend you try it.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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