Well, U.S. business wasn’t ready for it, especially as they were still enjoying the benefits of Reagan’s trickle-down economics and wanted no part of having to pay for anything.

Nope, she was opposed to single-payer and it’s not like it was a new idea invented by Bernie.

I recall that William Ford (yup, that Ford) and Rick Wagoner, who was GM CEO at the time, asking Washington to develop a single-payer, government-administered healthcare program when Ford and GM were foundering in the 2005-2007 period, before Ford mortgaged everything down to the sign on the headquarters to get enough money to stay afloat, which was about a year before it became clear that GM and Chrysler weren’t going to survive.

I will grant that in Hillary’s case, the reluctance might have been a classic example of “once bitten, twice shy.” Her favorability did take a major hit over the employer mandate.

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