Use their preferred weapons. Call them liars. Shame them as charlatans and snake-oil salesmen. Demonize them as evil, heartless opportunists who stand on the bodies of dead children to demand laws that would not have saved them.

Heck, call ’em Bloomborgs, if you want. That will confuse the heck out of them. I think there is enough public awareness of the Borg from Star Trek to make the term work on multiple levels.

If they call you out, you’ve got, or you have have access to, real ammunition; they don’t. The key is to have as much rhetorical ammo as possible when it’s time for a showdown. It doesn’t have to be detailed, it’s all from sources accessible to anyone.

Always remember the Glaze quote: since it’s from one of their own, it’s like kryptonite for Bloomborgs because it not only exposes the crucial flaws in their agenda, it also exposes their duplicity.

Whenever possible, proactive confrontation is the best challenge to the Bloomborgs. They are accustomed to thriving in an echo chamber, repeating talking points like parrots. Call them parrots; offer them a cracker.

Always remember that you’re not trying to deprogram a Bloomborg; you want to prevent the assimilation of others. The best way to do that is to interfere with the process.

It can also be a lot of fun.

[Note: “Bloomborg” is a satirical term combining a former mayor of New York City’s last name and a contracted version of the term “cyborg” or “cybernetic organism.” No disparagement or defamation of any person, family or commercial enterprise with the name “Bloomborg” is intended or should be implied.]

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