"Unfortunately, the evidence shows you’re more likely to hurt yourself than protect your loved ones with a gun."

Unfortunately for those who don't check their facts, Hemenway's "research" was debunked a couple of years ago.

Seems like ol' Dave only counted defensive gun uses that involved an injury or death. 90% of defensive gun uses don't involve a shot being fired and the vast majority are not even reported to the police.

While the estimates of up to 2.5 million defensive gun uses seem rather high, most authorities are comfortable with 500,000 incidents annually.

Meanwhile, the CDC reported that those who used a gun in a defense against a violent attack had better outcomes than those who tried anything else.

The CDC also reported that in 2018, fewer than 500 people were killed as a result of an accidental firearm discharge, the lowest figure since the earliest records online, which go back to 1981. The CDC no longer reports estimated gunshot injuries because the uncertainty from their sample exceeds 30%.

The other study that purported households with guns were more likely to have gunshot injuries larded up their totals with things that had nothing to do with accidents, including murders, criminal assaults, etc.

Knives are far more likely to land someone in the hospital than guns are. Swimming pools kill more people than accidental gunshots.

Incidentally, estimates from Small Arms Analytics indicate that through September 2020, more firearms were transferred than in the entire 12 months of 2016, the previous record year.

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