Umm...where have you been?

People of color are not just exercising their rights to keep and bear arms, they're giving them a vigorous workout. Haven't you heard about the National African American Gun Association? How about Black Guns Matter? They demonstrated with the crowd in Richmond last January and even had a demonstration in Lansing (that didn't even make the state news).

Did you miss the news of their peaceful demonstration in Tulsa, where they were joined by white gun owners?

Did you somehow miss Ida B. Wells' 1892 admonition that "a Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home?"

Honestly, you people are the most bigoted individuals I know. You have your preconceived notions about gun owners and all the evidence in the world doesn't seem to be enough to shake it.

And I am not talking just about Mr. Lopez. I am talking about the people who posted their own comments on this article.

Just so you won't be surprised, I'll let you in on a fun fact you can share: the fastest-growing demographic among gun owners is women, including women of color.

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