To be honest, I think the majority, if not all, of the Democratic hopefuls are running on the “Not Trump” platform.

Every one of them has skeletons in the closet, whether they are personal or political. Every one of them is committed to so many common planks that it’s sometimes hard to tell them apart. And a fair number of the 2020 planks owe their origins to Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign and his various stands and proposals over the years.

What concerns me most is how few of them seem to espouse ideas that will fundamentally make things better for Americans.

This might seem odd, but I wonder why they aren’t looking at the promises Trump made during the 2016 campaign but were never kept?

More importantly, why aren’t they promoting issues important to people that don’t live in the Northeast or on the West Coast? The people that gave Trump his victory in 2016 and left the Republicans with an even tighter hold on the Senate in 2018?

I honestly liked the 2016 version of Bernie Sanders. I liked the fact that he not only scared the Republicans but he scared the Democrats, as well. We’ve needed a rock-the-boat leader for years.

In 2019, it appears Bernie has been drinking the same blue Kool-Aid as every other candidate. It may have some of his special ingredients, but the flavor seems to be the same.

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