This is actually a fair assessment of the situation. Perhaps the only thing missing is the fact that the NRA has an ongoing lawsuit against the state of New York that has been green-lighted to proceed by a federal judge.

The truth is that a fair number of NRA members have been dissatisfied with the way Mr. LaPierre and Ackerman McQueen have been running the NRA for a number of years.

But, while it may seem to be surprising to some, our ire isn't so much over the money; it's over the fact that the NRA has become increasingly out of touch with the desires of its members. This is especially true of its advocacy of gun owners' civil liberties.

Over a million NRA members have either left the association to join the Gun Owners of America or have added GOA membership to the NRA membership.

The GOA's guiding principle is that all gun laws are unconstitutional, including those currently on the books.

It's important to remember that gun owners are far from a bloc vote. Political attitudes span the range from progressive to reactionary. But there are an estimated 100 million of us and our ranks have grown by more than two million in the past few months.

I would be very careful about popping the corks on any champagne just yet.

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