There was no "loophole": for the Odessa shooter. He committed a federal offense by merely possessing a firearm: an offense that carries a maximum penalty of ten years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

It's also a federal offense to knowingly transfer (sell, give, or lend) a firearm to a person prohibited from possessing one.

How about the 535 people murdered and the more than a thousand wounded by mass shooters that passed background checks?

Background checks not only proved worthless in three states that passed them in recent years, the homicide rates in those states actually went up.

A human can't kill 45 people in a minute unless they have an AR-15? How about if they have a rental truck loaded with fertilizer and racing fuel?

Believe it or not, the fact the author knows nothing about guns doesn't make them an authority on them nor does it excuse hyperbole with the goal of inciting unfounded fears.

The author would probably be very disappointed to learn that the use of rifles in homicides is actually much lower than it was during the ten years the Assault Weapons Ban was in force.

The author also is talking straight out of his/her/other posterior when it comes to the NRA's finances. Like all not-for-profit organizations, the NRA has to file a Form 990 with the IRS every years. More than 60% of the NRA's income is from membership dues, member purchases of services, subscriptions, purchases of NRA-branded merchandise and other sources. The primary source of money from the sporting goods industry is paid advertising in NRA publications and sponsorships of NRA activities.

The gun industry has its own trade and lobbying association, the 8,000-member National Shooting Sports Foundation.

90% of gun owners don't belong to the NRA? So what? An equally large percentage of licensed drivers don't belong to AAA, either.

In reality, the percentage is higher than 90%. There are probably somewhere around 110 million gun owners in the U.S.; there are about five million members of the NRA. But there are a heck of a lot more who support the NRA's position.

The NRA and millions of gun owners don't oppose the gun control agenda because they want a return to some mythical Wild West; they oppose it because the laws gun control fans love don't work; some are even unenforceable. They are all bad laws.

This is a wretchedly bad piece, even for a political rant.

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