The only type of journalism I see here is muckraking yellow journalism. There is no legitimate, responsible journalism; this is editorializing for the lowest common denominator.

How did the NRA take politics hostage? Hillary Clinton raised far more money than Donald Trump did. In fact, her top three donors gave more money than Trump’s top 20. Please note that all of the winning senators came from states that Trump carried in 2016. Would they have been elected without the NRA’s money? Probably.

How is the NRA the only player in the politics game? Michael Bloomberg committed $25 million to defeating a single piece of pro-gun legislation and his various fronts have spent millions of dollars on advertising and advocacy.

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Bloomberg’s efforts included the underwriting of the March for Our Lives. Curiously enough, David Hogg and Emma Rodriguez and their coterie focused on the rifle Cruz used while glossing over all the things that actually enabled Nikolas Cruz not only to buy the gun, and several more, but to use it. These include the diversion agreement between the Broward County Board of Education and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office; the failure of the FBI to properly handle two tips and the Broward County deputy sheriff who remained outside instead of engaging Cruz. All sorts of excuses were made but immediate engagement with a mass shooter has been the policy of nearly every U.S. law enforcement agency since Columbine. In Santa Fe, Texas, two officers engaged a shooter armed with a 12-gauge shotgun without hesitation. One of the officers took a direct hit from the shotgun and was grievously injured, but the other stopped the killer.

Governor Scott was playing politics by raising the age to purchase a rifle or shotgun. The truth is that Nikolas Cruz is the only person under 21 years of age to have legally purchased an AR-15-style rifle and then committed a mass shooting. That’s right: in the 54 years that the AR-15 has been sold to civilians, Cruz is the only one. Out of an estimated 12.7 million young American adults aged 18, 19 and 20, Nikolas Cruz is the only one. That seems like an awfully thin excuse to pass a law. It doesn’t really add up to a clear and present danger to much of anyone but there’s Shannon Watts, tweeting “NoGunTil21” to suckers everywhere.

Tripe like this article is always based on popular memes and it doesn’t matter if those memes have any factual basis. Time spent trolling for talking points would be better spent researching all of the available material. Maybe even learning why the NRA still has the political clout that it does.

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