The answer to the “hippie” question is simple: you said you were a hippie. Ergo, you are a self-styled hippie. That simple enough for you and and the boys?

As for the rest of your long-winded spiel, I thought you said it was calving season. Apparently you have time to write an essay but don’t have time to read an answer. Interesting. I never knew cows worked like that. In my own experience, they didn’t seem to schedule births that conveniently. Oregon cows must be a breed apart.

Yes, I know about Chris Mercer. I also remember the county sheriff refusing to announce Mercer’s name in order to avoid glorifying him.

In 1966, you could hear the shots from my grandmother’s house as Charles Whitman gunned down 17 people from the University of Texas Tower.

Santa Fe High School, the site of the shooting that everyone forgot, is about 58 miles from my house.

Yup, I know about the screwup in Illinois. I recall the Illinois State Police being unsure whether they had sent him the letter to turn in his gun. A day later, the ISP noted that they had revoked over 10,000 permits last year but estimated that 75% of the guns had not been surrendered.

That “whoops” from the Air Force that allowed Devin Kelley to buy a gun? Turns out the Department of Defense needed to add more than 4,000 names to the prohibited records due to bad conduct discharges for domestic violence convictions.

I don’t get my information from the NRA, Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Foundation, John Lott or Gary Kleck. I do my own research and draw my own conclusions.

By the way, big kudos to Oregon. Of the four states that enacted universal background checks in recent years, Oregon was the only one that saw a drop in the homicide rate following the new laws. In Colorado, Delaware and Washington state, the homicide rates rose higher than the national rate.

Like I said, the track record for background checks remains pretty dismal.

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