Sour grapes and stupidity. Not the state; this article.

Most Texans have no desire to secede from the Union. Some of us who actually studied Texas history know exactly why Texas petitioned to become a state way back when and the reasons are similar (except that the state isn't bankrupt anymore).

Secession is unconstitutional for any state. Didn't stop several of them from doing it in the 1860s.

Texas does have the right to subdivide into as many as five states.

Since Texas doesn't have voter registration by party, it's a bit hard to say what percentage is Republican; what percentage is Democrat. As is true of Arizona, refugees from California have tipped the largest cities to blue but even 53% is still a majority. The Democrats spent tens of millions of dollars to flip the state in the past two elections. They came closer to succeeding in 2018 than they did in 2020, however.

In my experience, there may be lots of Texas myths but there are far more Texas misconceptions. Sadly, twits like Ms. Janda help spread them.

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