So since the gun control agenda can’t be peddled on its own merits, which isn’t surprising as the claims made for it a false, Mr. Zoellner believes some shock value will do the trick?

I wonder if Mr. Zoellner has ever seen the results of a short-range hit from a 12-gauge shotgun? Semi-automatic, pump, double-barrel, over-under or single shot, it doesn’t matter. A shotgun is capable of literally removing a head by blowing it off the shoulders and fragmenting it. I’ve never heard of a nine-millimeter round exploding a head, but I have seen a headless body and unbelievable gore from a shotgun suicide.

They’ll be puking in living rooms from coast to coast.

How about the impact of a soft-point 30–06 round? Once again, semi-automatic or bolt-action doesn’t matter.

While we’re at it, let’s start showing the bodies of traffic fatalities. You think gunshot victims are gory? Experienced cops sometimes lose their lunch at traffic accident scenes. Or maybe we’ll limit the highlight reel to just those victims of drunk drivers.

Speaking of cops, let’s start showing the bodies of those killed by law enforcement officers. There are more cadavers to show because police use their firearms many more times than the 35 people killed in school shootings during the 2017–2018 school year.

If it bleeds, it leads is a news reporting standard that dates back many years. Of course, if we begin to show the corpses (or better yet, autopsy procedures) a lot of the newscast and those paid-for commercials are going to be missed while folks are in the bathroom whooping their cookies.

On the other hand, you will get faithful fans among those twisted enough to be fascinated by this kind of stuff. You might even inspire future killers. After all, James Holmes, the killer in the Century Theater murders in Aurora, Colorado, told police he just wanted to see people die.

Basically, Mr. Zoellner believes that telling people about young people’s deaths isn’t enough to advance an agenda that wouldn’t have saved any of them. He believes we really need to see the actual gore to get us fired up about a gun control agenda that wouldn’t have prevented a single murder.

I have a better idea: let’s try something other than simple-minded reruns of ideas that didn’t work before and don’t work now.

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