Show me some evidence that the rate of gun deaths has anything to do with whether or not the police carry guns.

I did a little research, something I heartily recommend to you.

Tuvalu has a homicide rate 3.8 times higher than the U.S. Botswana's rate is only slightly more than three times the U.S. rate and Kiribati's rate is about 1.5 times the U.S. rate.

Switzerland's rate is roughly the same as Norway's, which is the lowest among the "unarmed" police countries, and I can promise you that the Swiss police not only carry guns, they carry some pretty darn nice guns.

The inclusion of Niue in the list is a hoot. The country has a population of about 1,600 and a police force of 14. Like the Cook Islands, Niue is a "subsidiary" of New Zealand although there is local autonomy. The Marshall Islands have a similar arrangement with the U.S. government.

You are comparing these countries to the United States, which not only has the third-largest population on Earth, but has possibly the most racially, ethnically, sociologically, and economically diverse populations of any country.

I support the status quo because I know a little more than you do about police work. Spend a few years on patrol and let me know what you think. You'll discover the system isn't nearly as broken as you envision or as certain politicians claim.

Nope. No compromise on guns. The suggestion you made just shows one more time that you don't have a clue about police work. You probably don't know anything about "End of Watch" protocols, either.

How many "defunding" schemes have been advanced? How many of them divert that funding to mental health intervention response? Very, very few.

The demonstrators in Lansing may have been raucous but not only did they comply with all the requirements and obey police directions, they cleaned up after themselves. Nobody was threatened. There were some who claimed to be threatened but based on everything I could find, it was all for show and to get some attention.

Had the "scary men" actually threatened anyone in the Capitol Building, I am 100% certain they would have been arrested.

The guy the news claimed was yelling at Michigan State Troopers? He was actually there demonstrating for the legalization of marijuana and he was yelling at somebody behind the troopers.

Funny thing is, there was a demonstration by armed blacks a few days later. It was also orderly and peaceful at it barely made the local news. I know; I checked.

There was a protest with about 20,000 armed participants in Richmond in January. It was also peaceful and orderly. The only arrest I recall was of a woman who refused to remove a face mask (this was before COVID-19).

If it seems like you're being played by the media, you are.

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