Quite simply, it’s about looking at new ideas instead of rerunning old ones.

There isn’t a simple solution because it’s not a simple problem.

When one looks at the entire spectrum of violence-related deaths and injuries, one finds that only about 6% of them involve firearms. So it should be obvious that enacting gun laws isn’t going to address the problem of violence.

In fact, it appears to me that the focus on gun legislation is nothing more than some politically motivated sleight-of-hand designed to distract the public from the fact that nothing is actually being done.

It should be obvious to anyone that is paying any attention that background checks don’t stop mass shootings. The majority of mass shooters pass them; in a number of cases, they passed more than one.

The Assault Weapons Ban not only didn’t reduce the number of mass shootings, it had no significant impact on crime. Why? Because military-style rifles are used in crime less often than knives, blunt objects or even bare hands. Even in the most recent FBI data for 2017, this is the case.

If these measures don’t work, why promote them? Why trot them out over and over? Why stand on the bodies of mass shooting victims to promote laws that wouldn’t have saved any of them? Frankly, that sounds a bit ghoulish to me.

I don’t say, and have never said, that there might not be better ideas out there. Nor do I subscribe to the idea that the optimum response is more “good guys with guns.”

But I am saying that the current focus is on the wrong thing and it’s preventing us from looking in fresh directions.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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