Quite impressive. Really; piling bull this high must be quite a job.

Not once in this self-serving load of twaddle is the a mention of a few interesting facts as shown in the charts below.

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This chart shows data from a very specific demographic: Males aged 18 to 34. Homicide is the leading cause of death for younger black males.

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This chart shows both the victimization rates and the offender rates, based on data supplied to the FBI by law enforcement agencies. The data covers only murders where an offender was identified and charged. It does not include police shootings or justifiable homicides, such as self-defense.

No claim is made for the data other than it reflects what has been reported to federal agencies. There is nothing in this that pertains to the causes or other factors involved in the homicide rates.

Firearms were used in 50.5% of suicides in 2016. The high rate is due to the fact that white males are the most likely to commit suicide and the most likely to use a gun. They are also statistically the most likely to own a gun.

One of the reasons for the overall decline in firearms use is the rise in the suicide rate among women. Women are more likely to use poison (drug overdose or deliberate mixing of alcohol and prescription drugs) than a gun. A review of suicides in the two years following the death of actor Robin Williams revealed there had been a statistically significant increase in the number of suicides by suffocation (usually by hanging), the same method Williams used. The increase was more pronounced among women, especially younger women.

According to many studies, whites are statistically more likely to own guns. According to the CDC, blacks are statistically more likely to use them in homicides.

If the gun industry was profiting from all of this death, why have gun sales and industry profits fallen over the past several years while the homicide rate and suicide rate increased in 2015 and in 2016? Why did the homicide rate in 2014 hit a 54-year low just over a year after the end of one of the largest gun-buying sprees in modern history and issuances of concealed-carry permits were hitting annual records?

Claiming that the gun industry promotes crime or suicide because it is profitable is nothing short of slander. No anti-gun group does anywhere near as much as the gun industry to promote secure gun storage, preventing thefts and unauthorized access to guns, or to combat suicide. When the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention wanted a partner to promote awareness, it partnered with the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun industry’s trade association to develop an educational program for dealers, alerting them to potential suicides seeking to buy guns.

This article was a hack job by a racially motivated author seeking to divert blame from the perpetrators of violent crime to almost anywhere else.

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