Persons convicted of domestic violence are prohibited by federal law from purchasing or possessing a firearm. Even misdemeanors count.

Since the right to keep and bear arms is protected by the Constitution, it is considered a civil right. Under the restrictions of the Fifth Amendment, a person cannot be stripped of their civil rights without due process. This includes a conviction for a disqualifying criminal offense or a finding ot mental incapacity by a court or other competent authority.

Since the AR-15, indeed all rifles combined, account for less than a tenth of the homicides committed without a firearm, it’s a bit hard to claim that this rifle is poses a significant threat to public safety. It’s worth noting that the killer at Santa Fe High School used a pump shotgun and a revolver, neither of which would have been affected by an assault weapons ban.

In reality, the “common sense” gun laws currently on the table don’t seem to offer any benefits to public safety and it’s high time that advocates stop making empty promises about them. The Assault Weapons Ban didn’t even reduce mass shootings during its ten-year run and its impact on crime was negligible.

Background checks? In mass shootings where the source of the weapons was reported, 76% of shooters passed one or more background checks.

I believe we should use the Lanza Test to evaluate proposals for gun legislation. In other words, would a proposed bill have prevented the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary? If not, then the proposal should be withdrawn and should be barred from being reintroduced in a future session.

Perhaps this would result in measures that actually do make sense.

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