One more time: you aren’t going to achieve statistically significant gun control in the United States. Believe it; breathe; sleep with it; understand that it is one of the Great Kozmik Truths of the Universe. Wishing won’t make it happen and neither will a law.

While it’s a small percentage of the total, there are millions of guns in America for which the paper trail stops with the original shipment to a distributor or reseller. Firearms dealers weren’t even required to be licensed until 1938 and the records we have today only began being kept in late 1968.

Criminals aren’t going to register guns or keep track of what happened after the money changed hands. Unless they are seized by police during a criminal investigation, they are essentially unknown. Yes, many of them are stolen; many of them are the result of straw purchases. But the paper trail ends with the report to police or the record of the sale.

Unlike people in some other countries, Americans have a healthy distrust of their government. It has been taught that one of the important things about the Second Amendment is that it is the people’s right (and responsibility) to resist tyranny. You and many others dismiss this but I assure you that the belief is not only real, it’s far more widespread than you suspect.

This means that not only is massive non-compliance quite likely, as in the case of the New York law, non-enforcement is also likely to be an issue.

The criminal elements in Baltimore and Chicago probably don’t have to travel outside of their neighborhoods to acquire an illegal gun. As I said before, it doesn’t matter where they come from; they wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t a demand.

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, 248,000 guns, mostly .22-caliber and 9mm handguns, were recovered from crime scenes and traced in 2014. Yet, there were no cases reported of criminals having any problem acquiring firearms. This indicates a huge pool of illicit firearms that will never be registered and are nearly impossible to trace before they are used in the commission of a crime.

Under the provisions of the Gun Control Act of 1968, it is unlawful for a resident of one state to buy a firearm in another state. The only exceptions are for hunting rifles and shotgun sales made by licensed retailers in adjacent states that have reciprocity agreements. Even in these cases, the sale must be in accordance not only with the laws of the seller’s state of legal residence but the laws of the buyer’s state of residence as well as with all federal laws governing the retail sale of a firearm. It is also illegal to ship a firearm in interstate commerce directly to an unlicensed individual (individuals can hold either a regular federal firearms license if they are in the business or a curio & relic license that allows interstate exchange of certain older firearms). This applies to shipments by post, by common carrier or online. The federal law does not apply to shipments between two unlicensed residents of the same state but even then it is illegal to use the U.S. Postal Service to ship firearms.

Let’s say registration becomes the law. It doesn’t matter; it’s not up to the politicians or even majority of Americans to decide if there will be compliance. It’s up to the gun owners themselves.

A popular misconception of gun owners assumes they are uniformly similar to the cartoonish image of a gun nut. Gun owners include people like the late Navy Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle (American Sniper), whose longest verified shot killed a man nearly 1.2 miles away. There are a lot of combat veterans and former police officers among the ranks of American gun owners.

If only the current membership of the NRA chose to resist, that’s a larger force than the combined strength of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines from recruit to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Despite what some might think, including former Justice John Paul Smith, the majority of Americans support the Second Amendment. A surprising number of Americans that say they don’t own a gun say that they would consider owning one in the future.`

Your whole thesis needs a reality check. If you’re going to rebut the opinions in the original article, you need to get more familiar with the laws that are actually on the books.

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