Oh dear, another silly hit piece on the NRA.

But lets start out with the basics. You were good until you got to the handgun, right? Then you started feeling butterflies, or perhaps it was the pastry. Oh my goodness, what if somebody lives out the paranoid delusions in my mind?

Out of all of the people in that group, did a single one live down to your fantasies? Since I am sure you would have told us all about it if they had, I guess not.

On how many gun ranges do you think that people manage to conquer their inner cowboy and just learn to shoot at the target? By everything I have ever heard, just about all of them.

Did you ask any of your fellow attendees if they had heroic fantasies that day? If they were gamers?

In fact, did you attempt to get to know any of the others at all? Once again, apparently not.

Perhaps they, like you, simply came to learn about guns.

Instead, you projected your fears and imaginings on them. You probably didn’t even warn them you were about to do it.

Shame on you! Those poor people would have been shocked to learn what you thought of them.

On the other hand, you are living up to gun lovers’ images of a typical gun-control advocate, so I guess that’s something.

Did the NRA folks spout political rhetoric; urge you to rush out, buy a gun so you could grab it and incite you to march on the New York Times? Since you make no claims that they did, once again we are forced to assume they didn’t. Perhaps they were simply trying to show you how to safely handle a gun and shoot it.

When they’re not suborning legislators, the NRA spends millions of dollars every year on gun safety programs and marksmanship training. Even California mandates that an NRA-certified instructor conducts the required handgun safety course.

Funny thing it, Everytown for Gun Safety, despite its name, spends roughly zero on real gun safety. All of their money goes to buying ads and promoting an agenda that their own former executive director admitted wouldn’t stop mass shootings.

Ah, but the NRA is the evil empire and Darth LaPierre is the lord of darkness. It’s a front for the gun companies that support it. It dares to resist the righteous calumny heaped on it by the followers of Obi-Wan Bloomberg.

Well, no.

The NRA is six million people who pay money to join. The board of directors is elected by the membership. The gun companies have their own group, the 8,000-member National Shooting Sports Foundation, which handles their political needs and also operate Project ChildSafe, a program tha thas so far distributed more than 37 million free gun safety kits, including a gun lock, through law enforcement agencies nationwide. The U.S. Department of Justice liked the program so much, they gave it a $2.4 million grant to expand it.

How many free gun safety kits has the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence distributed? Zero.

37 million? Wow! That’s a big number. Just how may gun owners are there? Oh, somewhere between 80 million and 100 million, based on fairly conservative estimates from national studies. There are 16.3 million of your fellow Americans with concealed-carry permits. I guess they’re not all NRA members.

So why is the NRA so effective? If you look at the actual donations to political campaigns, it doesn’t really give all that much to any particular candidate. Yes, there’s a PAC but that’s not unique to the NRA.

No, it is, as you mentioned, the members. The members who vote for candidates that won’t sell them down the river or try to peddle the legislative equivalent of snake-oil to them.

I mean, really, read the text of the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018. It’s a hoot! The authors of this particular piece of drivel obviously didn’t know anything about guns. They did amazing things like ban a rifle with a pistol grip and a black stock and exempt another rifle that was exactly the same, only with a traditional stock.

And how about Senator Murphy introducing a bill calling for more background checks just a few days after a person that had passed more than a dozen of them gunned down more than 600 people in Las Vegas? I am amazed he could do that with a straight face.

You’re going to fight the NRA with your words? Words like the ones you wrote? Really? You think such tripe is really going to do anything other than induce a fit of eye-rolling in Fairfax, Virginia?

Speaking of mass shootings, there has never been a mass shooting committed by an NRA member. An NRA member did end one killer’s spree in Sutherland Springs, Texas but then everyone outside of Texas complained about it because he wasn’t fast enough to prevent the killings inside the First Baptist Church. We thought he was a hero; Sutherland Springs still does. Do you think he had visions of superheroes running through his mind? Or was he perhaps focusing on getting out there as quickly as he could?

Mr. Varadi, you must wish to preach only to the chorus. Your statements indicate that you have some unresolved issues that you need to address and a belief system that will attract few converts.

By the way, there is one more gun rule that is usually emphasized: Every gun is loaded until you personally verify that it is not. That means you remove all cartridges from the magazine or feed tube, or check the cylinder of a revolver, then open the action and visually check to see if there is a cartridge in the chamber.

It’s a real good rule, too.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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