Note that you said “The maniac in Dayton..” Nah, it wasn’t the gun; it was the maniac in Dayton who used the gun.

The article actually pointed out the difficulty or ease of obtaining a firearm doesn’t seem to bear any relation to the amount of violence in any given country.

Great Britain, or at least England and Wales, seem to get along just fine without lots of guns. Killers have resorted to other means, including vehicles and bombs, for the heavy work, and knives for everyday crime. It may have escaped your attention, but the average annual homicide rate in England has not been appreciably changed by the bans on most guns. The country has also banned many knives, also without affecting the murder rate.

You apparently have been chugging the Kool-Aid provided by the gun control movement. That’s okay, it’s virtually all anyone hears from the majority of the media. This is the same swill that has the American people believing there is an epidemic of gun violence (not really, especially compared to past periods), or that the use of guns in suicides is increasing (it’s not), or that certain types of firearms all of a sudden pose a significant threat to the American people simply by their existence (nope, this one’s wrong, too).

You probably also believe background checks work (they don’t), an assault weapons ban would be effective (it wasn’t), or that criminals get lots of guns at gun shows (three up; three down).

You might even have heard of the success of red flag laws in Connecticut, where the suicide rate has increased faster than the average for the rest of the U.S. Of course, fewer people are shooting themselves, so I suppose that’s a win, but many more people are hanging themselves, a fact that leaves me fairly unimpressed with them. And the shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill leaves me with doubts about their value in preventing mass shootings, at least in California.

In short, you have substituted propaganda for education or even finding out what possible flaws might be present in the arguments presented by both sides.

You casually dismiss it all all with a single word: blather.

Not a problem. Enjoy the Kool-Aid; I don’t swallow it myself but I hear the Banberry Blast Lemonade is quite tasty.

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