Nope. You haven’t provided single compelling reason to “hand over the piece.”

Based on what you wrote, you apparently don’t even know enough about the Second Amendment or the militia to make a cogent argument to give up a gun. See the linked article to learn all about the Second Amendment — and maybe some exciting new facts about English grammar, as well.

You make the rookie (or gun control advocate) mistake of claiming the the number of shootings somehow has anything to do with the amount of violence. You also make the mistake of not looking at history to see what impact gun gun control laws have had on things like homicide rates.

Homicide is homicide. The victims have one thing in common: they all died at someone else’s hands. Being shot doesn’t make a person any deader than being stabbed (usually many times) or having one’s skull crushed by a club or tire iron or being beaten to death or strangled by someone using their bare hands.

Incidentally, being stabbed, clubbed or beaten/strangled is far more common than being killed by someone using a rifle or shotgun. This includes “assault rifles.”

Then you blithely ignore the pattern of gun homicides; does it vary from state to state in some relationship to the state’s firearms regulation? Since you obviously haven’t checked, let me help you: No, gun laws do not seem have any effect on homicide rates: even on firearm homicide rates. Neither does the percentage of firearms ownership.

Ah, yes, Australia! That wonderful success story that left only about a quarter-million banned firearms in circulation in a country with a population of 24.6 million people. The Land Down Under where there were more deaths from mass murders in the ten years after the Port Arthur Massacre than there were in the ten years before it. That idyllic land where the police are adding real assault rifles, with selective-fire controls, to their arsenals.

We are talking about the same Australia, right?

Now I am with you on one thing: We shouldn’t agree to disagree on this subject; there’s really no room for debate. You’re wrong and you have no idea what you’re talking about.

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