Ms. Baker:

I believe I now understand you. You are so desperate to cling to an untenable thesis, you have reduced yourself to the level of a chimpanzee throwing shit at a wall and hoping some of it sticks.

In your latest round of fecal follies, you seek to somehow discredit my response to your original drivel by implying some mystical link between me and Justice Roger Taney. That alone is worthy of an episode of the Twilight Zone.

I reported what Taney wrote. I even quoted passages from the opinion he wrote. I can only assume that either you have still not read the opinion or are incapable or reading the opinion and have not yet asked someone to explain it to you.

Your next toss is to take a comment out of context. Yes, I said some people. I never implied I was one of them: in fact, I supplied evidence that I was not sympathetic to that view.

You not only flunked history, you flunked chimp.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of

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