Mr. Frank,

I imagine that, on a daily basis I spend more time outside of the echo chamber than most people. I even pay for subscriptions to media with multiple points of view.

It's not a matter of manhood (sorry to spoil your insult, but I have no doubts about mine); it's a matter of curiosity and the willingness to to the research and obtain the best information available. I use impartial sources as often as I can.

If the information says I am wrong, then I am wrong. I can live with that; it's not like it never happened before.

There are some gun laws I think are worthwhile. I comply with them all the time and have for decades.

Being very blunt here, the American people have been conditioned to think some proposed laws will make a difference. I have done enough research to have a firm conviction that they won't. It's not a matter of the Second Amendment or even gun rights. This is junk legislation the has never worked in practice. Some of them even guarantee their own failure.

Yet these same examples of legislative snake oil are touted as sure-fire cures, even when the claims have been disproven.

A U.S. Senator from Connecticut introduced a universal background check bill saying that it would reduce mass shootings just days after a killer who had passed more than a dozen of them gunned down 58 people in Las Vegas.

A U.S. Senator from California blamed a mass shooting on guns smuggled into the state from Arizona and Nevada when the gun the killer used had been purchased in a local gun store in full compliance with all applicable California laws.

The father of one of the victims in the Isla Vista spree begged tearfully for certain gun control laws to be passed when all of the laws he begged for were already in effect in California. This example is especially ironic as the father was an attorney specializing in criminal law in the state.

I communicate with gun owners. I advise legislators on policy issues. Do you think I could do that without being knowledgeable about both sides of the argument?

Perhaps instead of issuing snide challenges, you should try spending some time outside the echo chamber, too.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of

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