Moving the goal posts? Is that what we’re calling a requirement that something presented as a plan might actually work? A reasonable expectation that someone has actually looked at the nuts and bolts to see if this thing is going to fly?

I am 71 years old and this is far from my first rodeo. I have seen puffery presented as programs and/or progress from both sides. I have also seen the easily predictable, but unplanned-for and unintended consequences.

When I was a young kid, the top marginal income tax bracket was 90% except for a couple of years during the Korean War when it went to 92%. I was in my 30s before the top tax bracket dropped below 70%. These days we have people stuffing money in the Cayman Islands or renouncing their citizenship over a top bracket that is less than 40%.

Biden’s so-called plan depends on money that isn’t going to be there. It ignores revenue sources that might actually dependably bring in extra revenue because they would be unpopular. Pollyanna would be jealous.

If you insist on being a sucker, I won’t stand in your way,

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