Meet the Minnesota Freedom Fighters

Dave Gershgorn’s short article about the Minnesota Freedom Fighters, a group of Black men who have taken up arms to protect their community in Minneapolis, linked to an article on The Los Angeles Times. Unfortunately, the Times article is behind a paywall.

There are lots of articles about the Minnesota Freedom Fighters, especially in local media, such as the one here.

The appearance of Mr. Gershgorn’s piece is very timely, considering that the Minneapolis City Council just voted to reduce funding to a department that is already 166 officers short of its authorized strength, despite the soaring rate of violent crime in the city.

This Minnesota Freedom Fighters are reminiscent of the armed Black Panthers who entered the California Assembly in 1967. Their demonstration was to let the legislators know that if they couldn’t rein in the excesses of the Los Angeles Police Department, the Black community would form its own law enforcement department.

Rather than do anything about the LAPD, the legislature quickly passed the Mulford Act, which made it illegal for anyone to openly carry a loaded firearm (concealed carry had been regulated in California since 1915). Ronald Reagan signed the bill, something he later said he regretted.

Keep in mind that the Minnesota Freedom Fighters are no different than the majority of the armed groups the media spent the summer vilifying. They are there to provide protection. They aren’t the Boogaloo Bois any more than the Minnesota Freedom Fighters are the Symbionese Liberation Army.

Also keep in mind that the one group least surprised by this development is gun owners. We’re happy to see the growth of gun ownership among Blacks; we make a big deal about it, viewing it as a long-awaited embrace by Blacks of all of their civil rights and liberties. We applaud the efforts of Maj Toure and Black Guns Matter.

We also oppose racist gun control laws. Those among us who are familiar with the evolution of modern gun control know it has its roots in racism, whether it’s Blacks, Orientals, Hispanics, or Italians. We know that gun control measures often impose significant extra costs, adding to the burden faced by economically challenged groups which include a disproportionate percentage of Blacks. This is most glaringly obvious in states that consider themselves to be progressive.

The Minnesota Freedom Fighters are fulfilling a need. They are stepping up and stepping in to protect their community at a time when police resources are stretched.

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