It’s official: Gun control advocates have no shame at all.

Ms. Bell wrote: “On the morning of November 14th, the Senate was on the floor debating legislation for background checks as a gunman opened fire at a high school in California. Two students lay dying from semi-automatic bullet wounds while Republican Senator Hyde-Smith blocked a bill that would have required universal background checks for all gun purchases in America, including private and online sales.”

The students who were dying were shot by a youth who reportedly turned 16 that day of the shooting. The semi-automatic pistol used in the shooting may have been taken from a group of firearms that had been owned by the shooter’s deceased father.

Please tell me how background checks would have saved them. Then explain why he wasn’t prevented; California has had universal background checks since 1991.

Then explain why background checks didn’t save the lives of 476 people and prevent another 1,020 people from being wounded.

That’s the number of people who have been shot in mass shootings by killers who passed background checks. That doesn’t include the 72 people who were murdered and the 50 more people wounded by shooters who shouldn’t have passed background checks but did.

That’s right, the background checks we have now haven’t saved 1,618 people from being killed or wounded in mass shootings.

And there you are, standing on the bodies of the young people killed at Saugus High School, using them to promote a law that wouldn’t have saved them.

You not only have no shame, you have no heart.

[By the way: What the heck is a semi-automatic bullet wound? Bullets aren’t semi-automatic, fully automatic, or anything else: they’re just bullets. Were you trying to be extra lurid as you peddled your snake oil?]

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