If you oppose abortion, don’t have one.

Curiously, your “atheistic” view seems to be as mystical as any religious belief. Of course, that’s to be expected; atheism is just as much a dogmatic belief system as Christianity or Islam, lacking only clergy, rituals and fancy trappings.

From a non-theistic viewpoint, a fetus is a part of the mother’s body until it is viable as a separate organism. Up to that point, it has the potential to be a separate human but only the potential. As such, it is completely up to the woman to terminate the pregnancy or carry the fetus to the full term and birth. There is no morality attached to either choice but it is immoral to force a woman to carry a fetus against her will.

As I understand from your writings, you are fairly young and still fairly new to this “angry” stuff, though you have clearly graduated from tantrums and snits into more reasoned thinking.

I am older; my high school class held its 50th anniversary reunion a couple of years ago. That doesn’t mean I am wiser or more insightful but it does mean I have more experience.

You don’t remember the years before Roe v. Wade but I do. Because I remember them, I have a very good reason to oppose a return to them. In fact, I have tens of millions of reasons: no woman of child-bearing age in the United States should have to face that ordeal or take that risk.

You are taking a stand that really isn’t yours to take (or mine, either). From the vantage point of biology, what do males have at stake? A brief period of the most physically pleasurable experience in human existence? What does the female have at stake? How about her life, her health, her independence?

Sociologically, a man can walk away from a child he fathered with very little risk. A woman who walks away from a child she bore can go to prison.

So why on earth would anybody listen to us pontificate on the permissibility of abortion? Our opinions are about as worthless as it gets.

I have had the privilege of witnessing my wife bring a child into the world. I have also endured gut-wrenching fear when another birth didn’t go are smoothly (relatively speaking). Perhaps it’s my own mysticism but I can assure you that I stand in awe of women and admiration of their willingness, let alone their desire, to have children. I cannot find it in myself to be critical of a woman who decides that it’s not the right time; that it’s not the right father, or that the health risks are too great.

As I said, it’s not wisdom or insight; it’s experience.

Incidentally, I do agree that teaching prevention beats preaching abstinence. Proof is abundant; compare each state’s rate of teen pregnancy to the sexual education provided.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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