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If Democrats actually want to win in Texas, they might want to consider distancing themselves from the national party - and the national party's platform.

Texas is neither the Bowash Corridor nor the West Coast. Nor have I ever seen any desire on the part of Texans to be like them.

One thing that the Democrats of today forget (besides almost every election) is that when the state was a Democratic stronghold, it was a Southern Democratic stronghold. In modern terms, it was Republican.

I come from five generations of Texans. I have lived in this state full-time since 1968. It has become more cosmopolitan, but it is still fairly conservative.

I can understand why some people from California might want to move to Texas. California is ruled by large cities along the coast and there is a fair amount of resentment from those who live elsewhere in the state.

But other than to escape taxes and a regulatory nightmare, I can’t imagine why anyone from those coastal cities would want to move to Texas. It might be a good idea for those people to first move to cities like Paris for a year so they can be acclimated — or deprogrammed, whichever way you want to look at it. If the culture shock doesn’t kill them, they’re probably good to go for pretty much anywhere else in the state.

In the comments, I noticed a bunch of whiny California expats complaining that Texas isn’t like California. Well, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way back. Those people probably don’t remember when California was a fairly conservative state or realize that a fair amount of it still is.

A total of 29 Democrats and 25 Republicans didn’t even have to face a major-party candidate in their campaigns for the state house. That’s 36% of the entire house.

At least one Democratic incumbent owes their re-election to a Libertarian. Without that third-party distraction, the seat would have flipped back to the Republicans.

It’s definitely not money: Money flowed into Texas for the Democrats while Republican candidates were scrambling. Michael Bloomberg thought he could repeat his success in Virginia: I hope he’s not expecting a refund.

Democrats should give some serious thought to the whole Social Justice Warrior thing and how it aligns with what the voters want. Not what Democrats think they should want; what they actually do want.

Joe Biden probably won the election in large part by not being Donald Trump. But he won the nomination by not being any of the other Democratic candidates. Anyone who paid any attention at all to the primaries would have realized this by looking at the dynamic of the race after Biden decided to enter.

One of the big blind spots in the Democratic Party’s world view is the fact they continue to things that people don’t care about and don’t want when they are considering a candidate.

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