I watched the House committee hearings, the House debate, the Senate Committee hearings, and the Senate debate.

Apparently Ms. Golden wasn't paying attention to anything but testimony that fit her prejudices. Because there was a lot of testimony in favor of constitutional (permitless) carry. From men, women, whites, blacks, civilians, and working law enforcement officers.

The "overwhelming majority" cited by Ms. Golden comes from a rigged survey that posed questions in a manner to elicit a preferred response. Another study, cited by certain groups associated with Michael Bloomberg, was actually funded and commissioned by one of those groups.

The Texas Police Chiefs Association testified against the bill. Most of what their spokesman said was bullshit. They cited concerns about training yet in 1995, the group opposed Texas' first-ever handgun carry permit, which required more training than is currently required. Their concerns about officer safety were equally ridiculous. A law enforcement officer takes risks with every traffic stop, with many assigned calls, and with every single officer-initiated stop. What the TPCA never mentioned is the fact that Texas has a "duty to inform" that requires legally armed citizens to announce that they are carrying a weapon immediately if they are stopped or detained by an officer. The officer has the legal authority to disarm that citizen and retain the weapon for the duration of the stop.

In your frankly racist appeal based on your faith, you neglected to mention that Rep. Craig Goldman, a Jewish legislator from the Ft. Worth area, voted in favor of HB 1927, the permitless carry bill. You also failed to note that the Nazis did indeed use registration records to confiscate guns. The fact that they also did it to Germans outside of the Jewish community, doesn't make it better.

Here is another item you overlooked: there are already 20 states with permitless carry laws, including several states with the lowest violent crime and murder rates in America. Add to that the 15 states that allow open carry of a handgun without a permit and you will find that 70% of U.S. states have some form of permitless carry.

Every time legislation like this is introduced there is moaning and gnashing of teeth. Threats of dire consequences abound. "There will be blood running in the streets," they say.

This has happened 19 times since 2003. Not once have the predictions ever come true.

Here's a tip for gun control fans: You're losing where it counts.

There is a good chance that by the end of this year, 60% of American counties will have adopted Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions or ordinances. It's possible that fourteen states will have passed laws declaring that they won't enforce or help to enforce new federal gun control laws.

Last year set an all-time record for gun sales in the U.S. and quite possibly in the history of the world. It's estimated that as many as eight million people who were not gun owners became gun owners and the total number of Americans who own firearms is likely between 43% and 45% of the total number of American adults who are legally allowed to possess them.

One more Texas tidbit: Since it was a republic, Texas has never regulated the carrying of rifles and shotguns. They aren't even mentioned in the applicable statutes in the Texas Penal Code. A person can walk down Congress Avenue with a loaded AR-15 or a 12-gauge riot gun and it's perfectly legal.

Ms. Golden used a description and a photo of a few gun owners, who were in full compliance with the law, to smear the rest of us. But we aren't the ones standing on the bodies of the slain, shrieking for gun laws that wouldn't have saved them.




Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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William Connell Cawthon Jr.

William Connell Cawthon Jr.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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