I understand your response and thank you for keeping the conversation civil.

I would ask you if you also oppose in vitro fertilization and other methods of artificial insemination. These are not natural. In fact, neither is organ transplantation from a live donor.

If it is morally right to use artifice to get a fetus that is wanted, why is it wrong to end a fetus that isn’t?

If nature dictates that a mother will die because of childbearing, should we really let her die? Or should we seek to save the mother, even at the cost of a potential life? And if it is okay to save the mother physically, why can’t we save the mother for other reasons? Understand that it is almost always the decision of the mother in either case.

The comparison of abortion to racial issues fails unless you also assume that it is also okay to impose conditions on a person’s choices and life because they are different racially. I am old enough to have seen that first-hand, too.

Imposition of controls can be justified only if it contributes to the public weal or promotes the public safety. Judging by the fact that abortion laws vary widely from state to state indicates laws controlling abortion do neither. In fact, I would argue that such laws are contrary to the public welfare because of the significantly higher risks of “back-alley” abortions.

As to the rights of men in this issue, if we wish to impose restrictions, we must be willing to fully bear the costs of them, something we have historically been unwilling to do. This means supporting the mother through the pregnancy and taking responsibility for the child after birth. By taking responsibility, I mean being active in the caring and raising of the child until it reaches adulthood. This includes early-morning feedings, diaper changes, etc. If the father is unwilling or unable to fulfill these responsibilities, than the society that mandated the restrictions must step up and assume them. In short, if we are going to insist on having the child, we darn well better make sure that child feels wanted and valued.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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