I think you need to study history a bit more. No, I think you need to study history a lot more.

You also need to define which resources were plundered and by whom. You might want to consider going after the Middle Eastern countries, England, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, and Germany. The Belgians were particularly aggressive in the Congo.

Since you seem to have no understanding of what your “stuff” is or who took it, it’s rather difficult to place any credence in your claim.

Throughout history, the only compensation for slavery has been emancipation, whether it was granted by the slavers or won by the enslaved.

Should modern-day Israel seek reparations from Egypt? How much “stuff” was left behind in the exodus?

The only “stuff” to which people of color today have a claim is equality in opportunity and respect. That’s the same stuff as is due people of any race or ethnicity. Equality of outcome isn’t guaranteed for anyone and it’s up to the individual to earn respect.

As I said initially, I feel no guilt over your “stuff” nor do I feel any indebtedness to you.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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