I don’t recall saying anywhere that my suggestions provided a perfect solution. On the other hand, given the realities of the situation, I am not aware of a better idea and my suggestions are certainly more productive than some vague desire for men to “butt out.”

If you have a more practical alternative, I would be delighted to hear it. I would have no problem updating my article to include it, giving you full credit for it.

I have long believed that a man’s role in a woman’s reproductive choices is strictly to support her decisions. However, it is the height of naivety to think that all men are going to comply with your request. Certainly nothing in history from ancient times until now suggests that will happen. Nor does anything suggest that those obdurate individuals in positions of power are likely to be replaced anytime soon.

I don’t know of any way to make the process of getting an abortion trouble-free and painless. I balance the states imposing more restrictions with the states relaxing restrictions and the only place I see where the Supreme Court can make things better is to rule unconstitutional laws restricting interstate travel to obtain an abortion in a state where they are legal.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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