I cited two examples of things that people actually said. If they are cherry-picked, they come from a very bountiful tree.

I actually have used a gun in self-defense. Fortunately, I didn't have to fire it.

I don't need to pretend to know what I am talking about. I actually do know what I am talking about. You should stop assuming that everyone you encounter on Medium is as clueless as you are about this issue.

"If you had done your research you would know that the facts are clear. You will never use your gun in self-defense. Odds are that most gun owners will use their gun to kill themselves or some other innocent person."

I did my research and I believe the results indicate that taking only that subset of gun owners holding valid concealed carry permits and extrapolating the rate of violent gun use over 38 years, 96% of gun owners won't kill themselves and 97% won't kill anyone else.

I'll be happy to take your odds, but please bet heavily.

This is back-of-the-napkin figuring but it's based on data from the CDC covering 1981 to 2018 and state records of permit issuance as of 2019.

Understand, if possible, that those percentages are based just those people licensed to carry a gun. If you take a lowball estimate of the number of legal gun owners in the U.S., the percentages rise to more than 99% in both instances.

Were you this bad at burger-flipping? Heck, I would probably even make a better department-store Santa.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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