I am not surprised at your concern. According to your bio, you live in Chicago which not only has the highest murder rate of the top ten largest cities but is in the state with the highest frequency of mass shootings, according to the Gun Violence Archives. Chicago alone has as many mass shootings as the entire state of Florida, which is ranked third on the list.

Of course, the chance of your being shot in Chicago varies widely based on where you live. 80% of the homicides reported through the end of November were committed in just 15 of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods. These deadly ‘hoods are all on either the west or south sides of the city. The downtown business district hasn’t had a single murder so far this year and Lincoln Park, where Mayor Emanuel lives, has had just one.

Linking the Center for Homeland Security and Defense (CHSD) data to Sandy Hook is a bit disingenuous. The CHSD figures represent the total number of incidents in which a gun was fired that had any possible to a connections with a school. Among other things, the list includes three bodies that were found on school property, a police pursuit of an armed robber onto a high school football field, a shooting at a fast food restaurant across the street from a school where a teacher and a student were eating, two accidental discharges of police officer firearms and a murder of two construction contractors by a disgruntled worker that took place at a site on school grounds.

There were 27 incidents with no injuries or deaths, five suicides, two incidents where persons fired shots into a school building (one when the building was unoccupied), a few incidents were a parent was shot in a school parking lot and several incidents that were gang- or drug-related.

Sandy Hook-type incidents? Five, including one where the would-be shooter changed his mind and another where a teacher intervened before the shooter could open fire. No deaths and three injuries from those incidents.

That leaves Marshal County High School, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School and Santa Fe High School as “Sandy Hook” events.

Total deaths? 46, including the suicides. A total of 101 people were injured. There were an estimated 50.7 million students enrolled in public K-12 schools during the 2017–2018 academic year. The incidents occurred in 79 different schools out of about 98,200 public K-12 schools in the U.S.

Charlie’s school should be able to tell you if it meets the standards recommended by the Illinois Security and Standards Task Force. It might be anathema to some, but the NRA does offer the free School Shield program, which assesses security issues and suggests ways to mitigate them. (No, the NRA does not automatically recommend armed teachers.)

By the way, Charlie was right to be more scared of monsters in the closet. According to the FBI, a child was more than ten times more likely to be murdered by a parent than to die at the hands of a school shooter.

Professional writer. Passionately interested in facts. Founder of onewordtexas.org

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