How old are these other countries? Great Britain as we know it, Germany as an actual republic and Italy as a unified country are all younger than the U.S. Modern China isn’t even as old as I am. Russia isn’t tsarist anymore.

It always amazes me that people will pick on the troubles we’re facing now and assume we’re the only place in the world with problems.

We have an imperialistic ex-KGB officer and a bunch of oligarchs that miss the old Soviet Union running the Russian Federation; China is cracking down on dissent (again) and has some economic problems of its own; Angela Merkel is desperately trying to fashion a coalition government in Germany as the right becomes more powerful; Great Britain is imploding and may soon see Scotland exit the United Kingdom.

Guess what? The world is acting pretty much the way it always has.

So there you are, whining for “New-topia” where you’re the dictator and being just as intolerant as those you accuse.

If you want to know how long it takes for racism and intolerance to die out, why not ask the Japanese?

You think this is the first time there have been massive gaps in wealth in the U.S.?

Learn some damn history and get up to date with world affairs.

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