How is it dangerous? Do you (and some others) want to see Roe v. Wade overturned? If so, more power to you; I hope you’re happy with the result.

As I said in the original article, I lived during the times before Roe v. Wade, I don’t want to go back to the bad ol’ days.

I personally would like to see the court overturn Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which removed some of the protections contained in the court’s earlier ruling and left us with the situation we have today. Given the current makeup of the Supreme Court, I don’t think that’s likely.

I expressed an opinion. I get to do that without owing anybody a bunch of links to research. Since even a positive decision would almost certainly allow the current situation to continue, I think it’s preferable to have the court say the federal government does not have the constitutional authority to regulate the practice of abortion.

As for the human impact, it would be no different than it is today. How did that particular detail escape you?

Some states permit abortion in the spirit of the original Roe v. Wade decision; some make a legal abortion virtually impossible. If you look at the current state of abortion law in the United States (which I did before writing my article) you will see a hodgepodge of restrictions across the states.

This means it’s already a financial burden on women desiring to have a legal, medically safe abortion. Why isn’t anyone, especially those styling themselves as progressives, launching some nationwide, high-profile, effort to help them now?

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