Google is your friend. My information comes from so many sources that I couldn’t begin to compile a list for you.

You ever try to disarm a person with a large knife? Let me know how that works out for you. Incidentally, had Edgar gotten loose and threatened a private citizen who happened to be armed the citizen would also be legally allowed to shoot him.

You have a completely unrealistic view apparently based on information you haven’t properly vetted. You talk big numbers but have no idea what’s behind them or if there is an agenda involved in the presentation.

I agree that mental health calls, wellness checks, and dealing with homeless people could be better handled by people with the proper knowledge and skills. People should call them instead of police. There’s just one problem: they don’t exist.

Your son was jailed for doing drugs? You son was jailed for violating the law, pure and simple. I seem to remember former President Obama promising to legalize marijuana in his 2008 campaign. Last time I looked, it was still a Schedule 1 drug and Obama had eight years to make good on his promise.

Bad checks? Take it up with the people who accepted them and were out the money. Same with shoplifting.

In America, when you call police, you get officers with guns. It’s a package deal, often mandated by law. There’s a reason for those laws. You seem to have glossed right over what I said about the early days of the FBI.

You’d like to see the citizenry disarmed. That’s nice. Who cares? The real world doesn’t, that’s for sure. But then, the legal availability of firearms doesn’t seem to have that much impact on rates of violence.

Public policy should be based on reliable information, not pipe dreams.

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