Good luck with that prevention method. Hasn’t worked yet.

Sandy Hook Elementary School had secured entrances before Adam Lanza arrived. He shot out a window and gained access that way. The administration and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was supposed to have secured entrances but had neglected their duties and Nikolas Cruz took advantage of that. There have been cases where guns were handed to students through an open window.

The budget of the Chicago public school system was $5.6 billion in 2016. The average expenditure per school was $9.33 million. The 2016 budget for the Alpine Independent School District in western Texas was $11.9 million. The average expenditure per school was $3.95 million.

Get real. There are a helluva lot more Alpines than there are Chicagos.

You need to understand something very important: Unlike security guards and uniformed law enforcement officers who are supposed to be a visible deterrent, armed teachers have never been considered a preventative measure. They are almost invariably anonymous and some schools don’t even mention that there are armed teachers in the district.

Armed teachers are a last line of defense, pure and simple. When everything else has failed, that is when they are supposed to act.

This is exactly why I am such as strong advocate of advanced training for armed school personnel. They need to not only be able to act; they need to be able to act effectively. A helluva a lot more is involved than just whipping out the ol’ six-shooter and filling the air with lead.

The state of Florida requires more specialized training for armed school personnel than they require for law enforcement officers. The volunteers don’t take traffic law and similar classes but they take the basic courses for firearms law, firearms proficiency, negotiation, deescalation of force, crowd control, and the specialized advanced courses required for sworn school resource officers. They even take field medical training. Fortunately, the state of Florida also helps pay for it.

Better minds than yours or mine have tried for years to come up with a way to prevent school shootings that doesn’t involve turning public schools into supermax prisons. To the best of my knowledge, they have come up empty.

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