Good article but I would like to make just a couple of points.

There are restrictions on firearms in New Zealand, but they are surprisingly reasonable, especially considering laws in Australia and Great Britain.

One gets a firearms permit from the police and a fair number of types of firearms are legal to own.

The reality is that very few people choose to own firearms in New Zealand.

Perhaps Mr. Tarrant, along with all of his other misperceptions, doesn’t realize that most American gun owners are perfectly happy if people choose not to own guns.

It is worth mentioning that guns and violence are not now, and never have been, the exclusive province of the right wing. Abbie Hoffmann urged his audiences to possess guns to defend themselves from the right. Groups like the Symbionese Liberation Army was definitely not right-wing and neither was the Weather Underground.

In response to another comment: Violence, enslavement, genocide, oppression and all humanity’s other failings are common to all human genotypes. Lack of familiarity with this reality doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Otherwise, Tarrant’s rantings could have been copied and pasted from a number of hate group manifestos. Searching them for rationality is pointless because it isn’t there. Some people seem to feel compelled to find an enemy they can blame for everything they don’t like and everything they fear. If they can’t find one; they invent one.

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