Considering that you hate guns and I have owned nearly a hundred of them, I would say polar opposites is about right.

I also have to confess that I am working very hard to put more guns on the street. Certainly not AR-15s with bayonets (I would actually have to buy one of each to do that), but bringing Texas’ handgun carry laws more into alignment with the majority of the U.S.

You need to understand something about me. I don’t oppose regulations on firearms. We have some very good laws on the books right now but extremely poor enforcement of them (I include Kamala Harris’ abysmal record in California and the shameful record of the Justice Department under President Obama — even though I voted for him twice). What I vigorously oppose is the current agenda.

My opposition is based on the fact that the proposed laws have never been shown to work. They have been enacted in numerous states and the results show they don’t reduce violence, don’t reduce suicides, and don’t reduce mass shootings. The average annual rate of rifle use in homicides has been 21% lower since the Assault Weapons Ban expired than it was during the years the ban was in effect. The majority of killers in real mass shooting incidents passed one or more background checks because they purchased the guns they used from licensed retailers. Stephen Paddock passed more than two dozen as he assembled his arsenal, including the 22 AR-style rifles recovered from his Las Vegas hotel room. In three of the states that recently passed universal background check laws, the homicide rate increased by double digits after the law went into effect. The one state that defeated the measure, the homicide rate went down.

Restrictions on magazine capacities are ludicrous. When Elliot Rodger embarked on his shooting spree in Isla Vista, California, in 2014, he had three California state-approved pistols with restricted-capacity, 10-round magazines. After Rodger committed suicide, authorities recovered more than a dozen extra California state-approved, restricted capacity, 10-round magazines from his car.

Consider Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook killer. Look at all of the proposed gun control law promoted by advocates like Everytown for Gun Safety, the Giffords Law Center, and the Brady Bunch. Put them to the Lanza Test: would any of them prevented Adam Lanza from murdering those children?

While you consider that, consider this, as well:

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Everytown for Gun Safety and Mayors Against Illegal Guns are two of the groups funded by Michael Bloomberg. Mr. Glaze was the executive director of both groups.

In 2018, the Gun Violence Archive GVA) reported there were 340 mass shooting incidents in 2018. Up until this year, the GVA considered any event where four or more people were injured by gunfire to be a mass shooting. This means the GVA count includes incidents like murder-suicides within a family, gang violence, and similar types of incidents that the law enforcement community does not count as a mass shooting event.

For some reason, the media and gun control advocates were, and are, content to use that figure without examining the data. After all, it was another nice big number with which to scare a credulous populace.

I, of course, am not so easily satisfied, so I did a closer examination.

The two states with the highest number of GVA mass shootings were California and Illinois, which tied for the top spot. Some might object that California, being the most populous state, would logically have the highest number of these incidents. However, Texas, the second most populous state, had fewer than half as many incidents as California and Illinois.

California is a gun-control advocate’s dream. Not only has every law on the Bloomberg wish list been enacted, the state has truly gone above and beyond to add restrictions to gun ownership.

If one looks at the homicide rates for the states reported by law enforcement to the FBI, there is no correlation between gun control laws and homicides.

Studies by the CDC and the Rand Corporation were unable to find a conclusive link between gun laws and violence; they neither helped nor hurt. The CDC did say that those who used a gun to defend themselves from an attacker generally had better outcomes than those that didn’t.

So let me ask you this: You hate guns; you hate killing. So why do you support an agenda that wouldn’t have any effect on the violence?

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