Boyd resigned after apologizing for his comments. No big loss; he wasn't going to run for re-election even before he stuck his foot in his mouth.

It is not the job or Mayor Boyd, or any mayor, to ensure the citizens have power. I think you'll find in most cases that power generation and distribution is determined by factors the mayor is powerless to control.

In Houston, the fourth-largest city in the nation, our mayor lost power during an interview. Mayor Turner couldn't do anything about it, either.

So Ted Cruz went to Cancun. Why is that such a big deal? He's a U.S Senator and he has even less control over the Texas grid than Mayor Boyd. He could have flown to any number of states or flown back to his office in Washington, D.C.

The guy who deserted his wife and refuses to pay child support? Even in Texas, the law will go after him.

Blare music in a Texas state park? A ranger or game warden, either of whom is a sworn law enforcement officer in the state, will give you three choices: Turn it down; leave the park; go to jail.

What Ms. Wildfire has done is taken examples of common, ordinary rudeness and failure to take responsibility and elevated it to a meme.

I come from five generations of Texans. I have lived in Texas for the vast majority of my 71 years. I have seen communities and the state come together time and again to help those in need. The kindness and generosity of Texans is a tradition of which we are justifiably proud.

Yes, we're proud of our individualism, but we know fill well that we have to unite when the need arises. We also know that individualism requires responsibility and that we don't want to depend on the state or federal government for everything.

Why on earth does Ms. Wildfire think that we allow our legislature to meet only once every two years and limit those sessions to 90 days? Heck, they can't even adjust their pay or impose an income tax.

Ms. Wildfire takes a handful of examples and tries to turn them into a broad-based indictment of a state of nearly 30 million people. From her statements, she is one of the spoiled, self-entitled , children of voting age that give her generation a bad name. She uses a few excuses to justify her own self-righteousness, showing the she is not only no better than, but no different than, the people she condemns.

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