Before one revises history, one should have a solid knowledge of the history being revised.

Interesting thing about the “Republican” Mulford Act: Assembly Bill 1591 was authored by two Republicans, Don Mulford from Oakland and William Ketchum from Bakersfield, and three Democrats, John Knox from Richmond, Walter Karabian from Monterey Park and Alan Sieroty from Los Angeles. It was passed by the Democrat-controlled Assembly and the evenly split Senate.

It was signed into law by Ronald Reagan, a former Democrat who conveniently turned Republican during the McCarthy blacklist era.

Democrat Sieroty’s co-authorship has a bit of significance because it was mostly the police brutality in Los Angeles that the Black Panthers were protesting.

The NRA doesn’t support slavery but they do support states’ rights and, more importantly, individual rights.

It is somewhat ironic but the NRA owes its existence to the Confederacy. The NRA was founded in New York largely by military men who were concerned about the fact that Southern riflemen were more effective than their Union opponents. Confederate sharpshooters were a special concern because, even though the Union arguably had better weapons, the Southerners were better shots.

During the years of conflict between workers and owners, the divisions weren’t really along party lines other than the opposition to the Wobblies, the Industrial Workers of the World Union which was tied to both socialism and anarchy. Then, as now, political power followed the money. The popularly elected governors of West Virginia were Republican throughout the 1920s, in the days when the Southern Democrats were the far-right wing.

One might also want to remember Henry Ford, who changed from Republican to Democrat in 1918. Those familiar with labor relations history in the auto industry remember Harry Bennett, the head of Ford’s “Service Department” which used strong-arm tactics to resist attempts to unionize Ford workers.

Mr. Miller is way off base with this article. Medium’s editors can do much better than this drivel in the daily digest, which is becoming increasingly indigestible.

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