As you discovered, life doesn’t come with trigger warnings. It’s unfair but it’s true.

I am sympathetic to your plight. My wife had to have an emergency Caesarian and I wore a path in the hospital linoleum until the nurse came out to tell me we had a new daughter. My reaction was something along the lines of “That’s nice, but how is my wife?”

But does everyone have to walk on eggshells around you? Should a new mother, happy with her new child, need to censor her conversation when you are around?

Rather than a trigger warning that no one even knows is needed, perhaps you could wear a sign of some sort letting them know of your sensitivity?

I am not making light of your personal issues. This is the fundamental problem with trigger warnings. You mentioned 31.2 million Americans suffering from PTSD. How many different trigger warnings would be needed? And how do we know which ones go with which people?

How was the man on the radio supposed to know that telling of his loss would trigger a panic attack in you?

I appreciated your article. I am honestly very, very happy that your wife and daughter are well. The photo of you with your daughter brings back good memories for me. My daughter got married last year.

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