As I recall, no one batted an eye when a black legislator entered the capitol accompanied by a “security detail” composed of blacks and Hispanics.

The story that one of the protestors was verbally abusing a Michigan state police officer was determined to be untrue and may have simply been the result of a bad camera angle. The demonstrator was actually an activist for the reform of Michigan’s marijuana laws angry at another police officer over alleged mistreatment of two women who had been arrested.

There were numerous retractions of the original story; perhaps Ms. Martincheck missed them. Or perhaps they were just inconvenient.

Brandishing a firearm is a criminal offense in Michigan. Nobody was arrested for brandishing a firearm because nobody brandished a firearm. Carrying a gun is not the same as brandishing it, even if the gun in question is an AR-15. Judging by the party of those legislators who made the most noise, I think a lot of the fear of the demonstrators has a political basis.

Nothing happened in Richmond, Virginia, either, and that was thousands of people with guns. In their own act of political theater, Moms Demand Action cancelled a rally scheduled for the same day in Richmond because they said the felt intimidated.

I recall only one demonstration in the past 50 years where there were armed civilians among the demonstrators and there was gunfire. It was a protest against the killings of two black men by police and took place in Dallas, Texas in July 2016. Five police officers were killed and nine others were injured by a black sniper who was angered over the the deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

So why are all the Chicken Littles running around, hysterically flapping their wings?

Perhaps it’s the same reason they start squawking every time a state relaxes its gun laws: eternal optimism. Shriek “Blood will run in the streets” often enough and perhaps it will actually happen. No bloodbaths yet but the Chicken Littles are always hopeful — as is the media that will benefit handsomely by sensationalizing it.

How else is one supposed to get any traction from reporting an event where nothing actually happened?

Perhaps it’s just me but that sounds a little sick. However, it is consistent with the old “the trigger pulls the finger” myth that says firearms possess some kind of mystical allure that can be satisfied only by shooting people.

Right now in America there are 31 states where it is legal to openly carry a handgun without a permit. In 16 of those states, it is also legal to carry a concealed handgun without a permit. There are more than 18.6 million active concealed handgun permits in the U.S.

The prevalence of whites in these demonstrations isn’t an example of white supremacy or much of anything else, other than the fact that the demonstrators are white. Demonstrations by real white supremacists are unmistakeable, they stress the point.

In the Richmond demonstration, which was much larger than the one in Lansing, there was a contingent of representatives from “Black Guns Matter,” a black gun rights advocacy group. They fit right in and nobody seem to give them a second glance. There was also women in the group; the only arrest that day was a woman arrested for wearing a mask in public, which is a felony in Virginia. She was wearing a bandanna and refused to remove it. No word as to whether or not it was an assault bandanna.

Of course, it is in the nature of alarmists to divide populations. It’s one of the ways in which they work. Sow division in any ground available and hope it sprouts.

Fortunately, the vast majority of American gun owners aren’t buying into it. It’s quite true that many of us are conservative in our politics, but that isn’t true of all of us. And it’s most definitely true that we aren’t all white and we aren’t all men.

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