Anyone worried about a Wilson-designed pistol making it through an airport scanner should also be worried about the vision and/or diligence of airport security personnel.

The Wilson pistol is so large and bulky that it would be plainly visible, if only as a lump under a coat.

The presence of a metal firing pin and cartridge would become spotting features for TSA scanner operators

With or without a serial number, a Wilson gun is going to be impossible to trace unless police already have the gun (in which there is no need to trace it).

The Wilson pistol is a smoothbore firearm and leaves no markings on the bullet or the case because they are harder than the ABS plastic used to make the gun. Moreover, the Wilson pistol does not eject the case, meaning that unless the shooter is sufficiently mentally challenged to be featured on America’s Stupidest Criminals, there isn’t going to be an empty cartridge for the police to recover.

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